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Dermatologists recommend tips to reduce wrinkles around the mouth

Dermatologists recommend tips to reduce wrinkles around the mouth

You should not let the wrinkles around your mouth hold you back from enjoying life to the fullest. We all know that smiles and laughter, along with aging, can cause wrinkles around the mouth or even worsen them. Thankfully there are plenty of dermatologist-approved methods to help smoothen out those lines and prevent them from deepening.

Tips from dermatologists that should help you reduce wrinkles around the mouth:

Don’t forget the sunscreen

The topical skincare product should be your go-to every time you step out of the house, especially during the day. The medical director and co-founder of FACILE dermatology + boutique, Dr. Nancy Samolitis recommends the daily use of sunscreen. This is because sun exposure can break down elastin and collagen tissue. Ensure that you apply sunscreen that contains at least SPF 30 to prevent wrinkles around the mouth. It should also contain one important ingredient, either titanium or zinc. You can also consider applying a lip balm that contains sunscreen for enhanced protection. Most doctors recommend Colorescience’s tinted mineral lip gloss.

Bolster your skin regimen

Jennifer Herrmann, a board-certified dermatologist, explains that prevention is key. You need to adopt an anti-aging skin regimen at the earliest because your lips and the skin surrounding them are delicate. She recommends serums that contain growth factors to help target elastin and collagen production and prevent and smooth out wrinkles around the mouth. One product that you should try is a skin serum that is light and immediately absorbs into the skin.

Apply night cream

One of the best tips comes from Dr. Tanuj Nakra of Avya Skincare. According to him, it is important to use night creams to battle wrinkles around the mouth. A good quality night cream can effectively reduce skin wrinkles by producing deep dermal hydration to thicken the skin. Topical vitamin C serums also help reduce wrinkles around the mouth by boosting skin collagen synthesis. The doctor recommends using the AVYA’s night cream for maximum hydration overnight.

Consider in-office procedures

A more permanent effect to reduce wrinkles around the mouth, Dr. Jennifer Herrmann recommends fillers that are injected into the upper lip to give the area more structure. For vertical lip lines, she suggests micro-needling with the application of radiofrequency heat to smooth fine lines and stimulate collagen production. Dr. Nancy Samolitis recommends the right type of chemical peel called phenol, which helps tighten even the deepest of lines and wrinkles around the mouth.