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Top brands for jackets

Top brands for jackets

Jackets are fashion apparel that are worn by both men and women. There are different brands in the US that offer jackets in varied price points. Some of them include Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Rothco, etc. These branded jackets give a chic and stylish look to the wearer. Have a look at the brands that offer jackets.

Hugo Boss is a globally known brand which caters to men’s and women’s suits equally. Forty-five years since its inception, it started building a brand name in making suits. There has been a dominant monopoly with around six hundred outlets worldwide and the global presence heading in 108 countries. Hugo Boss is still recognized as a well-known brand in suits and standard business wear diversifying its reach every day. Hugo Boss jackets had started as an exchange to work wears during 1985, and the branding was conducted as part of the marketing campaign under the leadership of Marzotto Hugo Boss. He further diversified the work under the Hugo label.

Lacoste jackets by brand Lacoste was launched by Reinee Lacoste. The logo was designed in 1926. The Lacoste stores are well known for casual and semi-formal attire. They are known for Lacoste jackets with different styles and materials like puffer Lacoste jackets, leather jackets, sleeveless jackets, etc. and their prices range from $84 to as high as $475 approximately.
Major trips on the Lacoste jackets and Hugo Boss jackets are that it needs to be identified as the brand name itself. Nordstrom is another website that offers Lacoste jackets and Hugo Boss jackets on sale and discounts as they are a retailer with starting rate as low as $60 to as high as $425 which is quite a good discount. Customers at times look for impressions of the branded Lacoste and Hugo Boss jackets. These are generally available in the subway road stores or the dollar shops and are pretty cheap with the impressions of the brand themselves. Hugo Boss and Lacoste jackets are rummaged on websites like Macy’s, J.Crew, etc. In Macy’s one of the largest online and physical apparel store analytics mentions that the rate at which Hugo Boss jackets and Lacoste jackets are sold is 19% more than any other branded clothes. They have Italian tweed jackets, Daphne topcoat jackets, Plaid wool bomber jackets, cropped jackets, tie waist up coat jackets, etc. You get extra coupon codes when you buy one jacket, and that can also be transferred to another account as well as it can be refunded or a refilled to another friend. Hugo Boss and Lacoste are also known to have fantastic gift hampers for their customers.

Under armor is also an online brand that offers a variety of jackets in different styles, sizes and for various purposes too.