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DIY above pool liners

DIY above pool liners

Summer is here again. Opting for above the ground pool for summer time can be fun. You just need to select the right liner for your pool. It might seem a daunting task at first but can be absolute fun if you have all the supplies and installation material in place. With the right information, you are capable of installing an above pool liner. Replacing your own pool to a above the ground pool liner can be an easy weekend project if you measure, buy, and install your own pool liner. It can also save you lots of money as you are not hiring any outside help.

Here is a step-wise procedure of how you can make your own above pool liners.

Draining the pool
A high capacity pump can be used to drain out the water from the pool. Cut the liner from the base using a knife when almost all of the water is pumped out of the pool. There would be small amount of water that would be pooled on the base, keep pumping the water out.

Uninstall the liner
Once all the water is drained out of the pool, cut the liner into sections using a razor knife. Roll them up and toss them over the wall of the pool. For overlap liners, you will have to release the top rails before you can release the liners from the wall. Refer your own pool liner manual and look for specific instruction for this step.

Prep the floor and wall
Smooth out all the heel divots, waves, and uneven areas if you have a sand bottom under your liner. You can add new sand on the floor.

Install a new liner
Look out for the weather before installing a new liner. Warm weather is the best for installing a new liner. With temperatures ranging between 65 to 75 degree Fahrenheit, the liner would stretch more easily. Keep in mind that overlap liners and beaded liners both have different procedures for installation.

Use a vacuum pump to set the liner
Though optional, this step can be very helpful in preventing wrinkles on the new liner. Use a duct tape and a cardboard on the outside of the pool in order to seal the wall returns. Use sufficient duct tapes.

Fill the pool
Before you fill the pool, make sure that the top rails are all reassembled to its original structural design. Monitor that there no wrinkles redevelop and the floor is maintained smooth. Overlap liners should be made sure their liners are not overstretched.