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Employee payroll and the HR department

Employee payroll and the HR department

A corporate set up is complete when it can an efficient HR department is established. HR department under takes various activities or so as to be called as various services, ranging from recruitment services to employee welfare services which include payroll services and sub-service of employee payroll. A subset service under payroll service is employee payroll, consisting of both man power and technology. An HR is assigned for handling particular segment of business unit and its employee’s payroll using junior HR who would co-ordinate and technologies like HR dashboard where in an individual can access their payroll related details and update it need be.

Employee payroll desk takes up all the queries employees might have resolves them effectively. Employees can either contact their payroll SPOC directly or over online services. Nowadays, an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is also set up to handle as many queries as possible and as accurately one can imagine. While a bit of it is handled by manpower, most of it is done automatically using technology such as email, IVR, portal, business dashboard etc. The process involves an employee would raise their concerns regarding the payroll to be it taxes or deductions and more via a ticketing system and a ticket will be assigned with a service level agreement. An attendant HR will handle your query timely and efficiently throughout the life span of a ticket raised.

Technically some of it can even be automated, for example “ navigation of the HR employee payroll dashboard, training of filling tax, learning on investment declaration and related topics. An automation can direct the employees to the frequently asked question and answer for a faster resolution which may not involve a human involvement. Building such databases is also part of problem management. Instead of handling a ticket for the smallest query which could be resolved by reading certain content or links then you have reduced the incoming query tickets and yet you would have automated some part of the support and save an employee’s time.

Some of this technical support can be outsourced as with respect to outsourcing can be less cost involved than running the support in-house. Also, outsourcing a payroll service to another firm involves a contract where in the hiring, training and attritions are vendor’s duty to fulfill. This gives plenty time for in-house HR department to spend more time with their employee’s welfare part. Being present with them and supporting them on how they can get their smallest queries resolved by using tools and technique is simply smart.