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Enjoy comfort and elegance with Clarks Shoes

Enjoy comfort and elegance with Clarks Shoes

Clarks is the trading name of the shoe company, C. & J. Clark International Ltd, co-founded by two brothers Cyrus Clark and James Clark in 1825. The overwhelming demand for the first Clarks slippers called the Brown Petersberg motivated further innovation in shoemaking and what followed is history. The company is headquartered in Somerset, England, where it first started its business in 1825. The company went on to do international trade starting with Ireland, Canada, and Australia in the early 19th century with innovation as its hallmark. It also won the notable golden medal in the ‘Great Exhibition’ in 1851.

Clarks is a combination of aesthetics and comfort, not to forget its popularity as the “daily footwear”. Availability of Clarks shoes in around 75 countries around the world with excellent customer care services has rendered it a global brand. It has successfully caught the imagination of brand-conscious customers, who can relate to a brand that has existed for over 190 years, constantly improving to suit the generations. Its versatility is proven by the variety that it offers – right from children to adults of all ages in all categories viz., formal, casual as well as sportswear.

Although Clarks shoes are expensive, the company has remained committed to authenticity, comfort, and quality. It has continuously revolutionized the shoemaking industry through ongoing innovations. You can buy Clarks shoes and sandals at an affordable price during the Clarks shoe sale.

Innovation and craftsmanship are at the heart of this two-century-old company, which has the reputation for designing the first shoe to fit the shape of the foot in 1883. Incessant innovation by Clarks gave the best fit for growing feet and took care of beautiful feet. The company envisioned happy feet and worked on the lines that bad feet are a consequence of bad shoes. Over 55 million pairs of shoes are sold every year with the support of around 15000 employees. The key raw material used by Clarks shoes is leather. But the company is sensitive to those who do not want to wear leather in their shoes. There are options with synthetic material to fill the gap.