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Essential Tips To Dress Casually In Your 60S

Essential Tips To Dress Casually In Your 60S

Women in their 60s feel that they are being judged at every turn by the society especially in terms of the way they present themselves. It is every woman’s wish who falls in this age bracket to look young and youthful without being ridiculed by others. This is not something impossible to do. There are plenty of women doing it well and you can do that too. You would find lots of options for casual dresses for women over 60. It is important that you make a wise decision while choosing outfits to suit your figure, personality, and other features.

The idea is to accentuate what you have but not be too obvious about it. This formula is going to make you an ultimate winner. Here are some exclusive tips to dress casually in your 60s.

Let’s Start
Start with throwing or donating the items listed below from your closet:

  • Anything with embroidery
  • Unflattering, knitted jumpers
  • Oversized, plain t-shirts
  • Polo shirts
  • Plain pants with elastic waist
  • Unfitted three-quarter white pants
  • Floral cotton shirts
  • Muumuus

Trust the expert; you do not want to wear any of these when you are in your 60s as they will not be the casual dresses you want.

Wear Jeans
Jeans is the most popular casual outfit that anybody can wear and look good with. They are always in fashion and is a great option in terms of casual dresses for women over 60. Just ensure that you get the right pair to complement your shape. Flared or trouser cut jeans look better on heavier women but if you are slim, you can definitely pull off thinner and darker jeans. Try Ann Taylor’s amazing jeans for a good fit.

Try Colors, Textures, and Prints
A simple black and white casual dress can be transformed into a vibrant look with some color. If you are wearing an all-black dress, put on leopard print shoes. Accessorize yourself with a colored necklace or any other accessories if you go with the classic white top and blue jeans combination. Macy’s would have some good options here.

Wear a Scarf
A casual outfit is going to look beautiful if you team it up with a cotton or silk scarf. Your look would change to chic and young while looking effortless. Wear a scarf with a grey top and black color pants to get that perfect evening look. Try the options available at LK Bennett.

Avoid High Heels
Sky-high heels have no job making you look younger. Rather it is the opposite. In order to make any outfit look young and classy, all you need is a kitten heel. Even a nice flat would do the trick. Nordstrom and Target have a range of shoes that would suit your style. Casual dresses for women over 60 need to be complemented with the right shoes.

Pay Attention to Your Hairstyle
Your hair can make or break your look. To maintain the casual look there is nothing much that you need to do. If you have long hair, blow-dry and give them some soft curls. Alternately, you can wear it in a bun leaving some fringes. Women who have short hair can use some hair product to give them some texture. Wear simple hair accessories if you prefer them but avoid headbands, bows, and any floral accessory at all cost. Casual dresses for women over 60 can be greatly accompanied with great hair.

Things to Remember
You must not worry about what others think as long as you are comfortable. You do not have to spend a fortune to look good; you just need to be a smart shopper. Do not wear baggy clothes. Wear tummy tucking underwear or shapewear instead to hide any bumps or lumps. Shop online to find the latest in casual dresses and shop for them. The following tips are great for casual dresses for women over 60.

  • Wear leggings if you can rock the look.
  • You can club your vintage clothes with new purchases for a youthful and stylish look.
  • Wear knee length or longer skirts but never a short one.
  • Keep a core wardrobe of neutral basics that you can pair with jackets, shirts, and accessories.