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Everything you need to know about electric fireplaces

Everything you need to know about electric fireplaces

An electric fireplace is usually installed to replicate conventional fireplaces that use wood, coal, or natural gas. They can be plugged into a wall and have two settings. The first setting is a flame-only setting which displays flames like a traditional fireplace. The other setting dispenses heat to the room, replicating the experience of a conventional fireplace.

An electric fireplace is better than a traditional fireplace as it does not produce any smoke and therefore does not require a chimney. Electic fireplaces are often portable and can be moved to different spots around the house as well as to different homes. This is convenient for people who move homes often or live in rented houses.

Electric fireplaces are cheaper to buy and install too. They run on electricity, which is cheaper than burning wood, coal, or natural gas. They are more convenient to use and are much safer as there is no real fire that can spread beyond the electric fireplace.

However, the conventional fireplace has some advantages over the electric fireplace. While electric fireplaces are cheaper than traditional fireplaces, they cost more than regular heaters. They attempt to recreate the look of flames but the flames not realistic enough. Even with the best electrical fireplaces, it is obvious that the flames are not real. They always look like they are on a screen.

Here are some types of electric fireplaces:

TV stand fireplace
These lie under the TV and act as a TV stand as well. They provide warmth to the living room and give it a homely feel. These are great to huddle around during the holidays and to get the whole family together in one place.

Mantel fireplace
These fireplaces try to recreate the look of traditional mantel fireplaces in a brick wall. These are portable and can be placed anywhere around the house. You can use them as heaters in certain rooms or place them in common rooms to add a look of elegance.

Freestanding electric fireplace
This small type of fireplace looks like a miniature mantel fireplace. These great for people with small homes or compact spaces.