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A check on used car’s exteriors before you buy one

A check on used car’s exteriors before you buy one

Buying a vehicle of one’s own is a dream that many of us cherish and also save up to buy. Surely, buying a used car will cost less than being a new car, not to mention the amounts you would save in taxes. However, do take the time to do a thorough assessment of the car before you decide to pay. Here are some of the things to keep in mind to assess the exterior of a car when you want to buy best used cars .

If you are planning for best used cars to buy, then it is necessary to check the exterior of the car for any dents or signs of crash damage. When you do this, ensure that the car is parked levelly and not on a slope.

Check the trunk region of the car thoroughly to rule out rusting due to water seepage or any other signs of wear and tear.

Do a thorough check of all the tires and the spare as well. The wear on the tires should be more or less uniform. Also, check the tread of each tire. Check the front fender and the back bumper to rule out any damage. Since these constitute the core structural framework of the vehicle, it is important when you buy, to ensure that these are in good condition, without cracks. Never purchase a car that has a damaged frame.

If possible, do examine the underside of the car for rusting or any other damage. You may wish to request a qualified mechanic to accompany you. Check the exhaust system for any damage or leaks. Coating of grime or vapor on the exhaust could indicate problems with the used car.

Also, remember to check thoroughly under the hood. The hoses and belts should be firm without cracks or tears. The engine should ideally have no leaking or corrosion damage due to battery fluid. Check the fan belt. Check for any foamy residue on the inside of the oil filter car, which may indicate a leaking gasket.

Remember that the exterior of the car is not just how it looks but also the structural integrity of all components.