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Finding the right portable dishwashers for your kitchen

Finding the right portable dishwashers for your kitchen

A study conducted by the University of Bonn shows that, on average, people in the country use nearly 40 gallons of water to wash dishes by hand. Apart from the sheer waste of water, washing your dishes at the kitchen sink isn’t really the best way to get them super clean. Dishwashers are the perfect solution, but built-in models need space and adequate plumbing.

Portable dishwashers are different from table-top models. They are larger, have wheels that help you move them around the kitchen, and usually have a pipe-attachment that fits into your kitchen faucets with a drain-pipe that empties into the kitchen drain.

Why choose a portable dishwasher?
There are many reasons that attribute to portable dishwashers being a preferred choice. They’re great for smaller households with lower volumes of washing. Perhaps, you’re only renting the place, the kitchen’s too old or too small for a regular-sized one, or plumbing installation is way too expensive and cumbersome. When you move, you can easily take it with you. Portables offer the same functionality and ease of use as regular built-in models. They can be stored out of sight when not in use and some of them have a counter-top that’s handy in a small kitchen, adding to the usable space.

Which portable dishwasher’s right for your kitchen?
Make a list of your needs, preferences, available space, and budget before you hit the stores. Most leading brands offer a choice of different models. The 18-inch portable dishwashers are the most popular size, while 24-inch portable dishwashers provide extra space and capacity. Some portable dishwashers have a delayed wash option that you can set to your convenience.

Your choice of a dishwasher can be based on the following qualities:

  • Price
  • Efficiency for optimum energy/water utilization
  • Material of the body and interiors
  • Ease of movement of the model
  • Interior configuration, i.e., shelves and separate silverware unit for cutlery
  • Dimensions and available space
  • Number of wash cycles
  • Quality of wash and additional features like debris filtration, hot/cold wash, and dryer
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Options for different types of dishes, e.g., delicate rinse for China and tougher wash for heavy cooking utensils
  • Noise level
  • Durability of wheels/castors and platform

While choosing the right one for your kitchen, carry a tape measure with you to measure the height and sync your choice with your kitchen configuration. If you keep these things in mind, you’re sure to square in on a portable dishwasher buy that you won’t regret!