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Five reasons why you should install a home elevator

Five reasons why you should install a home elevator

Home elevators offer a simple and quick way of moving between two floors. Many homeowners previously relied on a stair lift installation to assist the elderly or injured up and down a flight of stairs. Home elevators are today’s alternative to stair lifts that can only transport a person as opposed to lifting cabs that can move people and objects between two floors.

These installations are no longer a luxury or simply a necessity for elderly people, but an investment too. Here are five reasons that might persuade you to consider installing an elevator at your place.

Increases the property value
It may come to you as a surprise but installing an elevator at your place actually increase the home value making it a profitable investment after all. Homebuyers today are looking for properties that feature modern amenities and being in trend, home elevators are increasing the resale value of said property. A rising concern among homeowners with respect to better mobility and accessibility has also fueled the demand for home elevator installations.

Productive use
Who said home elevators only help transport people up and down a few flights of stairs? You can move furniture, bulky objects, and anything that you plan to buy and install at your new home. Say you have purchased a brand new 72 inch LED TV and would rather move it to the upstairs bedroom by yourself. You can have it hauled up effortlessly and safely using the elevator instead of risking climbing upstairs with a heavy load. These elevators help improve your mobility to save you time and mainly the effort of moving bulky objects.

Area and space
The square footage of your home increases when you install an elevator at just the right spot to save living room space or a mini lounge space upstairs in place of where the staircase would have spiraled up to the top.

Enhanced safety
You may not realize this but even a small gap in the faulty stair board sticking out can cause you to trip and tumble down a long flight of stairs. A home elevator system reduces the chances of suffering from an accidental fall. Home elevator systems can also be customized to request secure credentials that only allow home members to access the top floor thereby improving your home security to safeguard against a break-in or intruders in the house.

Multipurpose use
Home elevators save space, can be custom designed to bear loads of varying capacity, and can also increase the style quotient of your home. As an added bonus, modern designs are energy efficient and feature unique pneumatic and hydraulic drive systems to power the elevator cab.