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Football – Basic ball control techniques

Football – Basic ball control techniques

Ball control is the foundation of playing football. A football player can only master the technique of controlling the football if he or she is able to properly coordinate various parts of their body. There are a number of variations and combinations and methods that help in terms of controlling the ball.
A younger player develops his or her techniques with these set foundations that enable and motivate them to play the sport better and experience all the joy the sport can bring.
Here are a few techniques
Running with the ball:
When a player is running well with the ball, he or she should be to control it all times. This comes with good balance and excellent stability. Keeping the head up while running with the ball allows continuous flow of receiving information and modifying your movements to adapt to the play. Dribbling is the movement the player makes with the ball when faced by an opponent or an obstacle. It allows the player to keep the possession of the ball and eliminate one or more opponent at the same time.

Controlling the ball:
The controlling movements focuses on direct control of the ball and gathering control over the ball while moving ahead in the field. Speed is of essence in this play. Juggling the ball increases the dexterity of the football player and helps keep the ball in control.

Passing the ball:
Being an essential part of team-play, it is action of passing the ball (with foot) to a team-mate. Being one of the core component of the game, passing allows the team to keep the possession of the ball in the same team, change the direction of play, counter-attack, and provide a decisive or final pass. A type of short or long pass, called crosses usually leads to a shot. They generally serve as the last pass before the football player can score a goal. This brings us to the next part, shooting.

The main objective of shooting the ball is to kick-dispatch the ball into the opponent’s goal. It is a cumulation of an attack, which is what football is all about tackling your opponents all the way to take one final shoot at the ball and score a goal. Shooting the ball requires skills, how well the player can kick-shoot the ball with accuracy. Physical stamina, power coordination, balance, determination, audacity, and self-confidence play a vital role in this technique.