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Four clothing trends for men this summer

Four clothing trends for men this summer

Summer fashion trends are continually changing and this year is no different. From unconventional reigning colors to the return of old trends, there’s a ton you can do with your wardrobe this season. Checkout out these four clothing trends for men that are the top options for summer.

Knee-skimming shorts
Shorts are the ultimate chill outfit and can be dressed up or down for any occasion – Pharrell rocking a pair of shirts at the Grammy’s is a great example of style and comfort in one go. With a mélange of colors and styles available, the ones that top the chart this summer are the knee-skimming kind. Choose from natural fabrics lie cotton and linen so they are breathable and comfortable. Patterned or printed, it doesn’t matter if you pair it with a good polo shirt or casual tee.

Grey is the way
Making grey look trendy or summery can be a challenge but that won’t happen this year. Grey has featured prominently in this year’s Spring/Summer collections and though the color has a more sobering effect, when paired with different colors it can make for a great summery look. It’s not an unconventional color and something most men have in their closets. So, don’t put away those greys just yet; summer beckons.

Green is the new black
Greenery is the Pantone color of the year and it goes without saying that adding a dash of green to your wardrobe wouldn’t hurt in the least. Choose from a variety of shades and hues to go with your clothes and you’re golden. If green isn’t really your color, try out accessories in shades of green to complement or even contrast your existing wardrobe.

Baggy trousers
Baggy trousers are back in style. Most of the Spring/Summer collections from popular fashion houses featured baggy pants in their lines. The only caveat being these pants need to be tailored perfectly to have the desired effect. Pair it with bright bold colored and patterned t shirts and brogues with no socks. Team up with a blazer for a semi- formal look.

Find what works best for you before you make a decision to add to your wardrobe. Some trends are simply passing fads and some stay a while. But no matter what the trend the most important thing is comfort, so keep that your topmost priority before you decide to revamp your closet.