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Get to know about the most tempting deals on Apple Watches

Get to know about the most tempting deals on Apple Watches

Who would not like to flaunt an Apple Watch given the chance to buy one? Apple Watches have risen to the top all thanks to their unique design, commendable software, and sleek appearance. The watch bands for Apple Watches are also really attractive making them eye-catching in appearance. They stand number one as far as the smartwatch market is concerned and there are umpteen buyers out there waiting to grab an Apple Watch at the best bargain when opportunity strikes.

Given below are some of the best Apple Watch deals that you might like to grab in order to make your dream of owning an Apple watch come true.

Apple Watch Series 1
Despite not featuring all the improvements that have been incorporated in the latest models, Apple Series 1 is still very much in demand and can be purchased for around $249 with shipping totally free from Apple. The watch bands for Apple Watches of this particular model offer you a wide range of options including aluminum gold strap, sports band of white or black color. You can also check sites like Amazon and eBay that also offer attractive bargains for this model.

Apple Watch Series 2
Launched in 2016, this version does have commendable upgrades over Series 1 that include “built-in GPS” and a system that has been upgraded. You can purchase this via Amazon that offers you a rate of $370 or other sites that offer you tempting deals.

Apple Watch Series 3
This is the latest version of the Apple Watches and pairs commendably with the iPhone X. Launched last year; this model makes use of the S3chip that has been proven to be around seventy times faster than the previous models. The model also has a commendable GPS system and an excellent battery life. It comes with a wide range of apps that include a monitor to gauge your heart along umpteen apps that make this watch a number one device to track your fitness too. The watch bands for Apple Watches of this model have a variety of options for you to choose from.

With the rate beginning from $329 for the “non–LTE model” and around $399 for its cellular version, this model is beyond doubt the ultimate smartwatch as far as looks and functionality are concerned.

So, do go ahead and find the perfect Apple Watch deal out there for you today!