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Getting perfect SUV tires

Getting perfect SUV tires

SUV’s typically use all-terrain tires. Most tires, especially those that are sold along with the vehicle, are designed mainly for on-road use. The feature that distinguishes SUV tires from others is that the sidewalls are stiffer to provide more resistance against puncture. Another feature is the tread pattern that offers wider spacing than a typical all-season tire. The wider spacing makes cleaning and removal of mud from the tires easier.

Let us take a look at some of the popular SUV tires to choose from!

Michelin Premiere LTX
These tires deliver top-of-the-class wet grip. They are designed to stop shorter on wet roads and provide all-season traction on snowy roads. These tires have expanding rain grooves around the circumference and emerging grooves across the shoulders that help retain more traction on slippery surfaces.

Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus
This is one of the most sought after eco-friendly all-season tires for SUVs and luxury crossovers. Longer tread wear and reduced rolling resistance make it apt for dry, light snow and wet roads. The lighter weight of these tires promotes fuel economy and reduces CO2 emissions.

Continental TrueContact
These tires are designed to provide all-season traction, help conserve fuel, extend tread wear and maintain wet braking grip. Continental’s ComfortRide technology uses a cushioning layer of rubber to absorb vibrations caused by road surface irregularities. Continuous tread contact with the road that these tires offer provides enhanced steering response and handling of your SUV.
Sumitomo Encounter HT. Dry handling, wet braking, all-season traction and long life in on road service are the highlights of this tire. Independent intermediate shoulder tread blocks promote handling stability. The life of the tire is extended by its symmetric tread design and cross rotation patterns.

Michelin Defender LTX M/S
SUVs using these tires are promised a smooth, quiet ride with all-season traction. The tread pattern is highly functional and leads to durable tires. These are designed to stay stronger. Twin steel belts inside the tires give it the durability to handle heavy loads.