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Giving your home a makeover for cheap with handy coupons

Giving your home a makeover for cheap with handy coupons

A home is the space where we can be ourselves. This is also the space that best reflects our personality and takes the shape of our best expression. We all like to add something new to our home every once in a while. The change of seasons triggers a need to bring in a makeover so that we are able to imbibe the fresh beauty of the new season. But what happens to the budget of the home when we do so? For some people and families, this may turn out to be an expensive affair. So how can you give your home a makeover without spending a bomb? Do so with the help of coupons from stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Target, Walmart, Costco and many others. Come and get some precious inspiration to give your home a coupon-fueled makeover with these cool ideas!

  • Pastels: Bring home some pastel colors with the help of accessories and accents. Try white sheer drapes to let in that fresh spring time sunshine, which will spread cheer and highlight all your colorful yet muted pastel accessories. This will also give your home a defining edge. Try hues like peach, sea green, sky blue and others with a neutral base for couches like grey, beige and white. You can layer these couches with throws and pillows so that you have a comfortable statement in your home. Bring in a matching rug with a pattern replicating the same color scheme on a neutral base for a wholesome statement.
  • Vases and flowers: This is the season of florals and you would do well to remember that! Let flowers do all the talking as you fill up the vases with flowers and trays with potpourri or even petals. Use accents like stones and shells to heighten the arrangements and give them that extra oomph. The vases should typically be crystal clear ones through which one can see the layers of other elements that you place in them along with the flowers. Place these at varying heights throughout the home so that you have plenty of floral delights wherever the eye happens to travel.
  • Pillows: This is the season when we all venture out of the home to see our friends. And people also drop by to say hi often. So you should make your home a comfortable and cosy space where you can make friends and family feel their comfortable best. Bring in pillows and cushions in various colors and solids like pastels and other bold shades. You can also add a piece or two in a pattern so that there is an interesting break from the simple solids that would be on display on all the pieces. You can also bring in plenty of floor cushions so that people can sit around and be comfortable.

Look for coupons for various stores so that you can shop for your home’s new look at the best prices!

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