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Guide to Buying a Flat-Screen TV

Guide to Buying a Flat-Screen TV

The living room is incomplete without a TV. With television technology growing leaps and bounds, TV viewing experience has reached new heights. There is a wide choice of flat-screen TVs that offer superior picture quality. That is why it can be confusing to select the best TV for your home. Here is what you need to consider when you decide to buy a TV for your home:

Room size

Factoring your budget, the TV screen size must be in sync with your room size. Bigger sized rooms can accommodate big screens, as big as 65-inch flat screen TV, whereas if the size of your room is small, you may have to settle for a smaller screen, say a 32 inch or a 40 inch TV.

Display type

When you choose to buy a flat-screen TV, you have a choice of 3 displays; LCD, LED and Plasma. While Plasma TVs offer the highest resolution with excellent picture quality, they are very expensive. Panasonic, LG and Samsung manufacture Plasma flat screen TVs. Plasma TVs have a bigger screen size—42 inches, 65-inch flat screen TV and many in between. When it comes to affordability, LCDs fit the bill. You can find LCD flat screen TVs in smaller screen sizes—42 inches and less. Suitable to be installed in bright rooms and consuming less power, LCD TVs, however, offer minimum viewing angles. LCD flat screen TVs are the popular choice and a number of brands offer LCD flat screen TVs at competitive prices. LED TVs are similar to LCDs, but with added backlighting. They are energy efficient compared to LCD TVs and have super thin panels with better picture quality. The colors are vibrant. Of course, when it comes to picture quality, nothing can beat the Plasma 65-inch flat screen TV.

Best flat-screen TVs

With myriad choices of flat screen TVs, it is indeed tough making a buying decision. Here is the list of the best and top rated flat screen TVs.

Vizio M701d-A3R

This is a high definition smart TV that features an improved user interface. Being a smart TV, it offers internet connectivity, enabling you to access a multitude of online apps. The TV delivers full HD viewing in high resolution, with its 3D technology offering cinema-like quality. The refresh rate at 240Hz eliminates blurring and as a viewer what you get is unparalleled, crisp and rich viewing experience.


One of the best in 65-inch flat screen TV, this smart TV offers excellent internet connectivity enabling you to streamline content of your choice. Whichever external device you choose, this smart TV offers seamless access. There is also the option to personalize the dashboard. So, your favorite channels can be easily reached. What you get from this TV is an excellent 1080p resolution in high definition. This LED flat screen TV comes with inbuilt Wi-Fi technology allowing you access to NetFlix, Amazon Videos, YouTube and Hulu Plus. On top of all these standout features, there is also an intuitive magic remote. With this remote, you can use gestures and voice to control the video content.

Samsung UN40EH5000

Coming from the home of the most trusted name in electronics, this LED 65-inch flat screen TV scores high on the green factor. The components used do not harm the environment. It is energy efficient as well. When it comes to picture clarity, nothing can beat this Samsung model. The Eco light sensor gets in the auto-configuring mode to tune the picture quality according to the levels of brightness in the room. If high action movies are your choice, this TV features Clear Motion Rate 120 that nullifies the blurriness. It also features a USB connection enabling you to view photos and play music and movies directly on the TV.

You can fulfill your entertainment needs by buying a quality 65-inch flat screen TV. Choose the best, sit back and enjoy the visual treat.