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Guide to buying used snow plows

Guide to buying used snow plows

A good snow plow can go a long way in helping you get rid of the snow from around your homes and offices. There are two kinds of snow plows available in the market regarding the style they are mounted – rear mounted and front mounted.

If you are planning to start out a snow plowing business, you can start on a small level with a small pickup truck and snow plows. There are some affordable commercial snow plows available in the market for pickup trucks.

One other option worth exploring is opting for used snow plows and pickup trucks for your business. Used snow plows are cheaper and are great if you are starting the business on a trial basis. You can always buy a new pickup truck and snow plows if the business works out.

When buying a used snow plow, you need to be very careful about inspecting the equipment before buying it. As they are used snow plows, there may be a certain amount wear and tear on it.


Check the blade (moldboard) well as it one important part of the snow plow. Look for any rusted areas, cracks, and any repairs or changes the previous owner would have made on it. Consider the costs of replacing the blade and the sheet metal skin when buying used snow plows for pickup trucks.


Do not opt for a snow plow that does not come with the motor as getting a new motor can be an expensive affair. In such cases, getting a new snow plow would make more sense than buying an old snow plow with no motor.

Hydraulic system

There are several snow plows for pickup trucks available these days that come with a hydraulic system. Check if the hydraulic cylinders are in good condition when inspecting the snow plow. Bad hydraulic cylinders should not be much of concern as these can be rebuilt or replaced at feasible costs easily.


A very important part of inspecting snow plows for pickup trucks is the wiring. Ensure that the harness on both the truck side and plow side are in a good condition. Check whether the wiring or the harness is compatible with your trucks and if either of them needs upgrading to be compatible with each other.

Other important things to look at include the cutting edge, headlights, the lift frame, the quadrant, and the mount. The mount should only matter if you are getting the plow from a pickup truck that is the same as yours.

Follow these tips to ensure that you buy only the best snow plows for pickup trucks for your business.