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Guide to Choosing the Premium Dog Food

Guide to Choosing the Premium Dog Food

Dogs are a man’s best friend and their most faithful companions. Finding the right kind or the best premium food to feed your dog is a very challenging task as their food primarily caters to nutritional needs. A well-balanced and healthy diet is the best thing you could give your canine. Your pet’s health would largely depend on the kind of food he is fed. The best premium dog food will keep the dog’s fur healthy and shiny, strengthen his/her bones and immune system, and keep his/her digestive tract in good health. Today, dog owners have before them a multitude of options while choosing the best premium dog food. Each brand claims to have the best-available premium dog food on the market and the choices are almost endless.

Choosing the best premium dog food

Nutritional value

Dogs rely on us humans to provide them with the best nutrition they need. While choosing the best premium dog food, one needs to check the ingredients list as some ingredients provide more nutrition than others. Protein is derived from eggs, cheese, meat, and fish and is needed for the healthy development of bones. Certain byproducts of animal parts in dog food also provide high nutritional value to the dog’s diet. Fillers such as rice, corn bran, soy, and even cereal by-products are included in the ingredient list. However, make sure these fillers are at the bottom of the list.

Quality of ingredients added

Checking the type of ingredients added to dog food is of utmost importance. It is always wise to choose quality over quantity. Premium dog food should mostly contain all natural ingredients rather than just flavoring agents. The pack should mention the exact source of meat. For example, buffalo and chicken go in for a complete and balanced meal, providing a holistic and healthy diet. A grain-free product is considered superior to products containing fillers.

Promoting a healthy diet

A healthy and balanced diet for your dog is just as important as it is to you. Artificial preservatives and flavoring agents such as propyl gallate, butylated hydroxyanisole, and ethoxy present in the product do not in any way help in promoting a healthy diet. Attempt to avoid such brands with artificial additives. If your dog is fed with extra calories in the form of carbohydrates, fat, and protein, these extra calories will be stored in his/her body and would result in obesity. A healthy diet along with an active lifestyle can prevent obesity in dogs and reduce the risk of diabetes. A healthy dog is a happy dog. A happy pet is a big reward for you.

Keeping the interest of your dog in mind

Premium dog food should always be in the best interest of your canine. The best dog food tends to use ingredients of much higher quality. A lower-priced product may not mean that you are getting a better deal. A dog is an omnivorous animal but should be fed a vegetarian diet only under unavoidable circumstances. Choose a brand whose first ingredient is meat. Meat comprises mostly of muscle tissues, but could also include the diaphragm or heart of the animal.

Considering your dog’s age and lifestyle

A dog’s nutritional needs would depend upon various factors such as the age and activity level. A small pup would definitely need more calories for his growth than an older dog. A pregnant or lactating dog’s nutritional needs would also be higher than that of others.

While selecting a premium dog food brand for your loved pet, keep in mind the four points discussed above. Quality ingredients present in the product could make a whole lot of difference to the health and lifestyle of your pet. So, the next time you go to a store to pick up a packet of food for your dog, make sure you take home only the best.

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