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Guide to use a diabetes insulin pen

Guide to use a diabetes insulin pen

An insulin pens helps you get insulin injected whenever and wherever you are. You can use it while you are at home or on the go. Insulin pens are sleek compact in size and hence helps with the accuracy and makes it simple for patients to use themselves.

If you are new to insulin pen, or want to learn it for someone else, here is what you must know to understand how to use an insulin pen:

First, you need to prepare the pen. A milky pen would require some rubbing between your palms for some seconds.

Now you need to get the needle ready by pulling the paper off the pin cap. Now take the needle with the cap and screw it onto the end of pen to fix the need at the right place. After fixing, the cap will come off, there will be another small inner needle cap that you need to remove. Now the needle is bare without any cover on it. You may discard the needle caps.

Now you need to select the dozing knob to select a dose of 2 units making sure the needle is pointed upwards. The insulin will emerge from the needle tip. If not, press again to ensure that insulin emerges. Now you shouldn’t see any air bubbles in the injection. Set the dose knob back to 0 after this.

Turn the dosage selector dial to the units you are supposed to be taking. If you are unsure, check again with your doctor before you proceed. It is important that you get the right dosage. Neither more nor less.

Before you start with injecting, calm yourself down as nervousness should come in between giving yourself a proper injection.

Now hold the pen in any hand that is dominant, and point the needle to the are you are going to inject in. Pinch an inch and a half of your skin upwards before you start injecting. Now inject the insulin in your skin at a 90° angle to your body. Do not press the insulin hard in your body but inject well making sure the needle is inside your skin. Once done, let go of the pinched skin holding the pen in that position for 10 seconds. Till you remove the needle from your skin, the doze button must be pushed down.

After injecting, remove the needle from the pen and discard it safely. Store the pen properly as directed.

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