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Here’s how overuse of headphones affects your health

Here’s how overuse of headphones affects your health

With the wonderful advances that have been occurring in the field of computation and technology, headphones are a luxury that everyone has been welcoming with arms wide open. Although they are a lovely luxury, given below are some important health issues that can crop up by using headphones continuously.

Adverse effects of headphones

1. Complications in hearing: When headphones are used, the sound goes straight into the ears. If the volume goes over 90 decibels, there is every chance that it can result in hearing complications or loss of hearing in extreme cases.

2. Infections of the ear: Suppose you have been sharing your headphones with others like family and friends, this can trigger ear infections very easily. Bacteria travel from one person’s ear to the other via headphones very easily. So, either sanitize your headphones or refrain from sharing them.

3. No passage of air: With top branded companies taking all necessary measures to improve sound quality of the headphones, these headphones do not permit air entry into the ears while you are listening to music. This increases ear wax in the ears and triggers tinnitus or hearing complications too if used for hours together.

4. Numbing of ears: Ears begin experiencing numbness for people who use headphones daily for many hours. The hearing ability itself becomes numbed and then returns to normal after some time. This is not a very safe situation.

5. Ear ache: People who are in the habit of using headphones normally complain of ear aches and even buzzing noises inside their ears.

6. Adversely affects the brain: Ear phones produce electromagnetic waves that can adversely affect your brain. Studies have revealed that prolonged use of headphones can cause brain related issues later in life. This is due to the fact that the ears have direct link to the brain and even a minor infection of the inner ear can have a direct effect to the brain and cause dangerous health issues.

7. Dangerous accidents: Road and automobile accidents are now on the increase with more and more people using headphones while travelling. When they use headphones while travelling, people are unable to hear honking and fall prey to untoward and life threatening accidents. There are even umpteen cases of unfortunate train accidents also occurring due to people wearing headphones.

So, although headphones are a wonderful luxury, be careful with over using as it can lead to the above-mentioned issues with prolonged and continuous usage.