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Here’s what you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Here’s what you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

The Samsung Galaxy Tablet, one of the best tablet computers, was first launched in September 2, 2010. Since then it has seen great success with several other models being launched through the year.

The first Samsung Galaxy Tab (renamed later as Galaxy 7.0) was the first Android-powered tablet to be released. With a 7-inch LCD display and a high resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels and a 1 GHz Single core processor, it took the markets by storm.

Seeing its instant success, several other models followed the first Galaxy, with each having an increase in speed, capacity, quality and other features and functionality.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 2017
The Samsung Galaxy S3, launched on February 26, 2017 is the latest model of the Galaxy series. Let’s take a look at its edgy features:
Premium Glass Design
As sleek as a premium smartphone with all qualities of a tablet computer, the shiny glass back of the tablet gives it a classy, premium look.
Extraordinary Viewing Experience
The superb clarity and the HDR quality of the playback videos and the pictures gives an extraordinary viewing experience. You can now watch your favorite movies and videos and enjoy it an exclusive Samsung Galaxy experience.
9.7-Inch Screen
The new Tablet comes with a 9.7-inch display that is quite big for a tablet.
It has speakers installed in every corner of the tablet and lets the user enjoy videos and audio to the fullest. Also, the HDR video lets the user enjoy scenes as realistically as possible.
Power Saving
The power save mode, mute games and ongoing calls are added benefits. It helps you save your battery as well us keep a tab on apps that are running in the background.
Redesigned S Pen
The new S Pen that comes with the tablet writes fluidly and is ergonomically designed for a good grip. The tip is 0.7 mm wide, which gives the most natural writing experience.
Long Battery Life
You don’t have to worry about low battery issues. With a longer battery life and fast charging, it makes your life easier.
Sync N Store
The Samsung flow lets you shift from phone to tablet and back in seconds and with ease. One can transfer the contents of the phone to view them on a bigger screen. This means the user is simultaneously notified of calls and messages on the phone and tablet.
By now, you will be convinced of how fantastic the Samsung Galaxy Tablet is. It out performs a number of competitors and offers excellent usability. Get yours today and experience the ease that a tablet can bring into your life.