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Here’s why Barbie dolls are the best gift for your baby

Here’s why Barbie dolls are the best gift for your baby

The American toy company Mattel, Inc. has indubitably made huge profits with the sale of Barbie™ dolls and all the Barbie™ doll houses and accessories. Barbie™ dolls are certainly on the list of precious collectibles for most little girls. With Barbie™ apparel, cosmetics, apps, video games, and a series of animated films that aim at depicting Barbie™ as an independent teenage doll, the fascination of adorable young girls have been perfectly captured.

Igniting their imaginations immeasurably, Barbie™ dolls and their various avatars, starting from being a teenage fashion model to being dressed up and accessorized as a firefighter, dentist, airplane pilot, a rock star, astronaut, baseball player, a chef, and so many more, a Barbie™ doll has been portrayed as a strong, independent, and successful girl in whatever she aspires to do. Amidst the little baby figurines that can be fed, clothed, brushed, and put to sleep by little girls, Barbie™ dolls stand out as a unique model and breaks the archetype instead, to be an aspiring and daring person of her own making, as a perfect example for little girls to emulate, and teaches them to be all that they dream of.

With Barbie® Dreamhouse®, the company has portrayed that anything is possible. This toy for young girls opens up an ocean of possibilities for them to fantasize. With two or three floors and multiple rooms each organized with their own set of matching accessories and furniture, there are even balconies with railings and pretty design accents in the Barbie™ doll houses. There is also an almost realistically designed elevator that slides up and down. No wonder, Barbie™ dolls can entertain girls for hours together at a stretch.

World over, Barbie™ dolls have been a popular influence not only among young girls but also the adult population. Barbie™ exhibits were held at Le Louvre in Paris, Barbie™ paintings have been sold at auctions for millions of dollars, real Barbie™-themed restaurants have been commissioned, and feature-length documentaries have been produced with Barbie™ dolls as inspiration. Need we say more? Have you purchased the smart and innovative Barbie® Dreamhouse® that responds to your directions with lights, sounds, and motors for you baby, yet?