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Here’s why dogs are considered the best pets

Here’s why dogs are considered the best pets

From rabbits to horses and hamsters to guinea pigs, there is a wide range of animals that people adopt. However, dogs seem to be the most popular of them all. A survey shows that 7 out of 10 people in the country prefer to adopt dogs vis-à-vis any other animal. So, read on to know what makes dogs one of the best pets.

Humans feel secure in the presence of dogs. They’re loyal, irrespective of how fierce some of them could possibly look. The very thought that our furry friend is waiting for us back at home gives immense joy and hope in life. Dogs offer impeccable security to their owners; they sense danger quicker than humans and they are also quick to react to any unsafe situation. We have seen innumerable stories of dogs’ bravery, making them our little knights in furry armor!

A plethora of research has been done on dogs to understand what is really going in their minds when they see their masters, or when the master is in danger. While this sense of belonging could take ages to figure out, it is true that dogs are the best friend one could possibly have, especially if one is going through depression or any other low phase in their life. The patience the dogs show towards elderly, people with mental illness or people who are sick is truly remarkable. They certainly have a very keen sense of perception which helps them to identify the owner’s emotions. Whether one is happy or sad, the dog clearly knows and their ability to hear you out ensures that you never battle your demons alone.

Dogs also ensure that their masters end up leading a good health. Dogs are required to have regular exercises, which means their masters have to take them for regular walks. When it comes to dogs, one is literally left with no option but to head out for a walk in the park!

In all our years of evolution, dogs have closely walked with us, loved and cared for us for who we are, hunted with us and have also died with us. It is certainly not surprising that dogs have always remained popular amidst humanity.