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Home remedies that help in treating allergy cough symptoms

Home remedies that help in treating allergy cough symptoms

A cough is a way of reacting to any kind of allergy that a person’s immune system reacts to. When an irritant or allergic substance comes in contact with the lining of nose, throat or lungs. The constant urge to cough can be extremely irritating and cause pain in the chest. Although it is essential to visit the doctor if the problem persists for long, here are several kinds of foods that will help treat a cough.

A saltwater gargle – This one of the simplest remedies that your grandma often swears after. With amazing effects, it is no wonder that this remedy has been followed through for years now. A mixture of water and salt, this liquid soothes the itchy throat, whether caused by an allergen or even cold. Add one teaspoon of salt to a glass of water and gargle. You will instantly feel relieved.

Consume fluids – If you begin you experience an allergy cough symptom, immediately drink water so as to clear your throat. Moreover, it is necessary to keep the body well hydrated as it helps in draining the mucus that mainly causes coughing. You can also consume fluids in the form of warm broth, fruit and vegetable juices, etc.

Inhale steam – When the nasal is congested due to an allergic irritant, you are likely to suffer from repeated coughing. Relieving the congestion in the nose will help in reducing allergy cough symptoms. The easiest way to do this is to inhale steam from a pot of hot water. Place your face a little away from the pot and use a towel to prevent the steam from escaping.

Honey – Honey has been around for more than a million years and believed to be on of the best remedies to cure a cough. It is also used as the primary ingredient in several over the counter medicines that are meant to cure a cold. All you have to do is mix a tablespoon of honey with hot water and you will find that the allergy cough symptoms subside.

Thyme tea – Thyme is a herb that is widely used in treating respiratory diseases. It comes with great benefits and has culinary as well as medicinal uses. The beneficiary elements in thyme can relax the muscles of the throat and reduce the inflammation caused by allergy coughs. Boil some thyme with a cup of water and consume it after a while.

Although these remedies are great, make sure that you determine the source of the allergy and eliminate it if possible.