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Home remedies to cure frequent urination

Home remedies to cure frequent urination

Frequent urination, as the name suggests, refers to a condition which is prominent in both men and women, forcing a person to frequently urinate. There are a number of causes of frequent urination, which can sometimes lead to even severe health problems. The normal frequency for any person is about 4 to 6 times a day, but in case this number is exceeded on a consistent basis, chances are you might be suffering from frequent urination.

There are a number of things which trigger frequent urination over a period of time. Certain intakes of beverages, drinking excess water or caffeine or alcohol are all triggers of frequent urination. But this can be brought under control with a number of home remedies, listed as follows.

Diet remedies for controlling frequent urination include eating more fiber rich foods, essentially rich in nutrients as well, and food which are rich in antioxidants. Proper water intake is also essential to avoid dehydration and the cause for frequent urination. Most importantly avoid acidic rich foods or at least reduce the quantity consumed.

Homemade recipes to eat and drink to control frequent urination include pomegranate paste, roasted horse grams, sesame seeds, fenugreek seeds, boiled spinach, cinnamon powder, yogurt rich in probiotics, jaggery, cumin seeds, aloe vera juice, amla or Indian gooseberry juice, cranberry juice, baking soda mixed in water consumed once a day, amongst many more.

Exercises which can help control frequent urination include Kegels. Kegel is a technique in which you contract and release the urinary muscles to control the flow. Mastering Kegel exercise will definitely improve your control. It is a very helpful bladder control exercise with effective results over a period of time.

There is a chance that frequent urination may lead to urinary tract infections which can get pretty serious. There is no permanent cure for frequent urination yet, but leading a healthy lifestyle will help curb the issue and control the urge to urinate on a persistent basis. Managing your blood sugar levels is number one in the list, especially for diabetic patients. Moreover, there are medications in the form of tablets, patches, and other forms available.

Surgery is an option but should be the last resort. There are a number of noninvasive surgical procedures which can be performed to curb frequent urination, but again a thorough diagnosis should be done by a professional to determine if at all a surgery is necessary or if it can be avoided.