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How can business text messaging help you grow your small business

How can business text messaging help you grow your small business

Business text messaging is a type of SMS marketing campaign that can help grow a business. A lot of small business owners think business text messaging to be effective only for businesses with a big budget. A survey suggested that text messages have an approximately 20% of click-through rate and are read on an average of five seconds. It is one of the most effective methods to reach out to the customers.
If you own a small business, here are five reasons why you should use business text messaging if you own small business:

Better customer service: Using text messaging services makes it easier follow-up appointments and help determine the quality of service. It also helps to quickly identify problems that might have occurred while implementing the service. Business text messaging helps a business increase its loyalty and earn a high Net Promoter Score (NPS).

More sales and faster responses: Enabling “click-to-message” at all locations makes it easier for business owners to engage with their customers. Business text messaging helps to receive messages from customers almost immediately, leading to better sales and in-store visits.

Grow your business: Quite often a customer who wants to get in touch with you regarding an urgent purchase might not be able to because of busy phone lines. Business text messaging makes onboarding customers easy for a business. A customer service tied down with phone calls can find this arrangement helpful, as customers can get in touch with the business representatives by simply dropping a text.

Handling sensitive conversations: There are businesses that deal with sensitive services, take for instance funeral home and cremation services. It can be difficult for the business to talk to people dealing with a loss of a loved one. Thus, business text messaging can be helpful for handling a sensitive conversation.

Saving time and money: Calling up customers to fix appointments can take up a lot of time of your business. This requires a separate phone service set-up and manpower, resulting in overshooting the budget of your business. Business text messaging saves a considerable amount of time, as it is faster and economical to text message a customer to fix an appointment rather than calling them personally.