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How to add value to your grocery business?

How to add value to your grocery business?

It is important to keep your business relevant and thriving in the ever-changing world of e-commerce. But when the nature of the business is nearly identical to many others, it is crucial to differentiate your business in wholesome ways and with those that benefit your enterprise. One such business model is the grocery business where margins are low and there is not much way to differentiate in terms of product offerings. Or are there?

Here are some ways you can add value to your online grocery business.
If you own a grocery business, you can’t differentiate much in terms of basic inventory. You need to stock the staples and daily essential items. However, you can offer your customers more in terms of your product lines. For example, let’s say, bread is one of your fast-moving items in the store. Here, you can offer extra to your customers in terms of variety by stocking up on multigrain, gluten-free and organic bread. You can apply the same strategy to cookies and other baked items.

In terms of food items, it is a good idea to always offer more in terms of variety and taste. Today, in almost every household, both parents are working professionals. They can appreciate the easy availability of ready-to-eat food products. Also, people are gearing towards healthy eating choices. To cater to such customers, you can keep an organic range of your staples alongside your regular ones.

Free delivery of groceries is a service that every customer can appreciate. If you can offer free delivery of services on a minimum purchase amount, this can be a motivating factor for customers to return to your online store for grocery shopping. Even when the customers have not shopped for the minimum amount to qualify for free delivery of their order, offer them this service on a very minimal charge. This can especially help new grocery businesses.

Offer discounts to your regular customers as per their usual purchases. For regular customers who often shop for dairy products, you can offer them attractive deals from time to time such as a discount on a loaf of gourmet bread on the purchase of two or more butter or cheese packets from a particular company. Use your creativity to target your regular customers with extra offers that are relevant to them.

Ask your customers for feedback on every online purchase. Make it easy for them to provide you with a response without wasting their time. You can simply offer a blank box under their bill to provide you with extra information. These can be asking you to stock any specific product or ways to improve your delivery or product range. Remember to follow up on the feedback. If a customer wanted sugar-free jams and you have made them available, ensure that you inform the customer about it. Also, promote it on your social channels so that other customers can also benefit from the information and buy it from you if they desire to do so.