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How to have great vanity lighting in the bathroom

How to have great vanity lighting in the bathroom

If the lighting in the bathroom is done strategically, it always enhances the ambiance of the place. You can always use dimmers and decorative wall sconces to accomplish this task. A range of vanity lighting options exists since numerous types of vanity lights are always available to light up the bathroom.

Before we consider some of the vanity lights for the bathroom, it would be better to know about different vanity lighting tips that can be used to enhance the look:

  • Should not overhang the mirror
    It should be ensured that vanity lighting, especially around the mirror, should not overhang the mirror. The fixture should be placed in such a position that it does not extend past the mirror to avoid any instance of down lighting. In case, it is done so; the shadow will be cast on the face.
  • Lighting should be in layers
    The lighting in the bathroom should be in layers. If vanity lights like wall sconces are used, it will help in the creation of a warm ambiance in the bathroom.
  • Do not use fluorescent lighting
    Fluorescent lighting should be avoided whenever possible in case of bathrooms. Vanity lights when used intelligently will help in providing ambient lighting in such scenario.
  • Use dimmer switches
    Dimmer switches should be used as it can create custom mood lighting. Vanity lighting can go a long way in maintaining the elegance of bathroom, and dimmer switches also work in tandem with vanity lights, thus creating an ambient backdrop.
  • Options available in vanity lights
    A range of options is available when it comes to choosing appropriate vanity lightings for the bathroom. Light bath vanity fixtures offer the users a perfect backdrop to create an ambient bathroom which helps in making your home complete in the real sense. The incandescent bulb in vanity lights comes in polished chrome finish. The Etched Opal glass look gives a unique ambiance to the light bath vanity fixture. The lighting fixtures are placed in upward lighting direction, and the two vanity lights are 120 V. Light wall sconce can also be used as vanity lighting in the bathrooms. The glasses are etched with bulb base being medium, and the lighting direction is both upward and downward in this case. Glass and steel are used in case of this vanity light, and one vanity light is used.

Vanity lighting is available in a range of options and can be suitably chosen as per the size and usage of the bathroom. Choose the best vanity lighting for your home including the bathroom and your home is all set to get a refined look.

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