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How to keep your bathroom clean and organized?

How to keep your bathroom clean and organized?

Cleaning bathroom is one of the least liked domestic chores for most people. Nobody likes to spend time scrubbing the bathroom to make it shine. However, if you clean it regularly and keep it organized, you will not feel overwhelmed to keep it in order. Here are some tips that will help you keep the bathroom clean.

Daily routine
Follow a practice of keeping the things back in their place after use. Things like toothbrushes, toothpaste, hairbrushes and lotions must go back to their place once used. Teach your children also to keep their things back in place and wipe the paste off the basin after brushing their teeth. Keep the fan on when taking a shower to avoid mildew and mold in the bathroom.

Keep the cleaning supplies stocked up
If you have small children at home, then you need to clean the bathroom more than once a week. Keep the supplies stocked up so that you do not run out of cleaners. Choose only the best bathroom cleaners to keep the bathroom sparkling clean. Clean and sweep all the dust accumulated on the bathroom floor with a mop or a vacuum cleaner. Also clean the faucets, shower curtain, and soap holders.
Soak the toilet in the cleaner for a while before cleaning it. Clean around the base where the toilet bolts to the floor along with the lid, top and bottom of the toilet seat. Do not forget to clean behind the hinges, where most of the dirt and hair build up.

Organize the cabinets
Organize your bathroom cabinets and assign each shelf for one category like one for cosmetics, one for first-aid, one for hair care and one for men’s grooming. Hang your hair dryers and curling irons. This will make space for other items in the shelf. Never keep items loose in the bathroom whether it is under the sink or in the shelves. To keep nail clippers and tweezers in place, use magnetic strips. The metal tools will be stuck to the magnet and will not be lost. Use tray in the cabinets to keep the items so that in case something happens to leak, it becomes easy to clean, without making the cabinet messy. Hang the towel rack behind the door. Stack the toilet paper rolls in the toilet paper holders, on the flush tank if there is enough space or in the cabinets.
Cleaning the bathroom and making it shine is one task, but keeping it the same way is the bigger job. With small children at home, it is bound to get dirty as soon as they get home from school. However, cleaning becomes easy when you are organized and know which thing goes where.