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How to keep your Nike Air Max 90 dirt free

How to keep your Nike Air Max 90 dirt free

Sport is all about unleashing the energetic side of our nature as we strive to win a game or reach a challenging goal. When we are outdoors, following various physical pursuits, we tend to sweat even as we come into direct contact with dust, dirt, and grime. The shoes that we wear are particularly hit by this problem because they make direct contact with the ground.

But keeping your expensive sportswear and sports shoes like Nike Air Max 90 clean is an absolute must, if you want them to be in good working condition for continuous use. So here are the different ways in which you can keep your sports shoes clean and functional.

• Have a spare pair: To begin with, you must have at least two pairs of the same kind of shoes, especially if you are training everyday of the week, or even more than three times a week. This will ensure that there is equal pressure on both pairs and one remains dependable, even when the other gives way. Also, this way, when you clean one pair, you can always use the other one in case the first pair has not dried completely by the time the next training session or game, rolls around.

• Dust it off: Before your start cleaning your sports shoes like Nike Air Max 90, you will need to lightly and gently remove the loose dust that would have accumulated on the surface. Brush the dust off with a toothbrush or use a dry rag to dust it off. If you scrub instead you will end up rubbing the dirt and dust further into the fabric of the shoe, in which case it will become more permanent and leave a mark that will be difficult to remove.

• Soap and water soak: Once the loose dust is from the shoes, it will be time to soak the shoes in a mixture of soap and water. You can use a mild laundry detergent to do the trick, but do remember to dilute it well with water. Swirl the mixture around until you know that it has mixed properly and then soak the shoes. Make sure that you do not soak the shoes for too long. Shoes like Nike Air Max 90 will need to be soaked for no more than an hour. Once the dirt begins to loosen up and the water starts to become cloudy, it will be time to remove the shoes.

• Scrub: Once the soaking part is done with, use a soft rag or a toothbrush to scrub the shoes. Ensure that you reach all the stains and spots, and scrub the sole especially well. Pay special attention to the grooves and patterns in the sole and make sure that you do not damage the ridges and crevices. Keep your hand firm but do not make the action too abrasive.

• Drying: Once you have scrubbed the shoes, wash them with clean water and set them out to dry. Drying the shoes is very important before you wear them for some activity again.