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10 tips to select an assisted living facility

10 tips to select an assisted living facility

When looking for an assisted living facility for a family member, you want nothing but the best care for them. However, finding the right assisted living home can be difficult. However, with some research and planning, you can make the search process easier.

Here are a few essential tips to consider while looking for an assisted living home.

  • Make a list of homes that you like based on the information available through their websites. Always consider any referrals by your friends or neighbors.
  • Plan a visit to each facility in order of your preference. Pay attention to details such as the level of cleanliness, friendliness of the staff and check whether the residents look happy.
  • Find out if the facility offers private rooms and whether shared accommodations are the only choice. Check the bathrooms for safety features such as grab bars and see whether the rooms have nice furniture, natural lighting, and other comforts.
  • Visit the activity center. If possible try to attend an event to see how they are conducted. Are the residents enjoying the activities? How are the instructors behaving?
  • Check the dining area and the meal plans. If possible, try to eat at least one meal in the facility. Pay attention to the interactions between residents.
  • Inquire about a facility’s care facilities. Not all homes have nurses available at all times. So, this can be an important point to consider when selecting an assisted home for a loved one.
  • Gauge the level of personal care facilities by carefully observing the residents. Do they appear to be well-groomed and clean?
  • Talk to the residents to assess their satisfaction level of the facility. Don’t hesitate to ask the staff any questions you might have in mind. No query is unimportant when it comes to the well-being of your loved one.
  • Inquire about all costs and see if they are related to the amenities provided by the facility.
  • If something feels off about a place, trust this feeling. Move on to the next home on your list.

While selecting an assisted living facility, it is important to take your time for proper visits and to always go with your instincts.