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How to store and organize garden tools

How to store and organize garden tools

Gardening can be a very calming activity except when you have to go looking and searching for the tools you need. Looking for the right tools can be frustrating if you don’t know where to find them, however, we’ve got some creative ways for you to organize your gardening tools without much hassle. Check out these tips and we’re sure you’ll enjoy gardening even more:

Tip #1: Get a large steel hook
If you couldn’t find your gardening hose or tripped on it before, you know how annoying that can be. A simple solution would be to prop up your coiled hose on a large steel hook in your gardening shed.

Tip #2: Use a tool hanger
Long handled tools like soil digging shovels and leaf rakes can be stored inside your gardening shed with the help of a tool hanger. Simply get one of these and attach it to the back of your gardening shed’s door.

Tip #3: The patio cart
Get a patio cart or wheelbarrow that can help you carry plants, seeds, watering cans, and all the essential items you need for all your gardening needs. Make sure it comes with wheels since that would be handy as you would be able to easily take it anywhere around the garden as required. It’s like getting your very own personal horticulture assistant!

Tip #4: The towel bar organizer
Use a towel bar or towel rack that is commonly used in the kitchen or bathroom as a storage solution for your potted plants and gardening accessories. S-hooks, barbeque tools, and dangling patio plants can also be stored or hung from the towel bar.

Tip #5: The bookshelf idea
Use the top of an old and unwanted bookshelf or dresser to stack all your pots, plants, and other gardening containers. The drawers of the dressers can also serve as a storage solution and can be used to keep tins, seeds, and other such items.

With these tips and tricks, you’ll easily be able to organize your gardening shed and tools!

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