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How to treat high cholesterol in children

How to treat high cholesterol in children

Cholesterol is produced inside human bodies by the liver for various functions that it is needed for. Extra cholesterol is added to the body with the intake of different foods that are rich in fats. A minimum amount of cholesterol is important for a child to be healthy and function well. It helps in forming the hormones within the body. For children who are victims of high cholesterol, it is important to follow the cholesterol levels chart to learn about the level of lipoproteins and overall cholesterol level and to manage their diets accordingly.

Risk of high cholesterol in children:
Some of the risk factors that may result in high cholesterol among children are as follows:

Heredity – A family history of heart diseases or high cholesterol content may result in the child having high cholesterol.
Obesity – It is a common disease that can develop either due to diet or due to lack of exercises. Therefore, the stored fats in the body lead to high cholesterol in children.
Diabetes – Though diabetes is rare in children, in case it occurs, it may lead to an increase in cholesterol level.
Know the range of cholesterol levels in your child with the help of cholesterol levels chart and record them to avoid and treat high cholesterol effectively.

A proper reading and understanding of the cholesterol levels chart can help in treating high cholesterol problems in children. Here’s how you can help them out:

  • Limit cholesterol up to 300 mg per day in your child if he is below two years old and keeps him away from dairy products for faster and efficient treatment.
  • In case your child is obese and has high cholesterol, make him understand the importance of losing weight. Give him advice on the perfect diet and exercise plans so that he takes care of it too.
  • Plan low-cholesterol diets for the family. Do not let the child take any cholesterol-rich food if the cholesterol levels chart indicates high cholesterol in him.
  • Avoid fast food from the diet of a child.

Talking with a doctor and getting all the necessary suggestions before starting the treatment on your child is necessary for right treatment at the right time.