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Identifying and purchasing authentic Coach handbags

Identifying and purchasing authentic Coach handbags

If you have heard about Coach, then you know that this is one of the best brands in the market for handbags and their top quality leather bags have kept them ahead of their competitors at all times. The best thing about Coach handbags is that there is one for every shopper looking for their own fashion statement. The retail stores across the country make it all the more accessible to shoppers. While you can find a Coach handbag at a local store, the handbags you find there are not the same top-notch products that they set up in their exclusive factory outlets. Coach has a policy to house the best in-house in its exclusive factory outlets. This ensures that their quality is supreme and not compromised in any way.

While a majority of Coach handbags are exclusively manufactured for the brands’ outlets only, there are a few exceptions when Coach’s best handbags go outside to other tie-ups. This happens only when Coach is bringing a new line for its exclusive showroom and therefore moves the older lots to outside retail stores. Most often, the Coach handbags available at normal showrooms are usually the discontinued handbags from Coach or are from a previous season.

There is a way that shoppers can actually check whether a Coach handbag is made exclusively for an outlet. There is a small circle that is pressed into the creed of the handbag and it bears a square leather patch that has an exclusive serial number embossed onto it. This is a unique identification that is sewn into each Coach handbag. The way to identify if the handbag was made exclusively for the showroom is by spotting the creed symbol with a circle on it. The price tags usually bear the Coach Factory hallmark on the exclusive outlet handbags. On the other hand, merchandise which is shipped from the retail stores will not bear this unique identification signature. Just because a Coach handbag does not bear this identification, it does not mean that the bag is inferior in any way. All that it symbolizes is that Coach has moved to a new style and the old line has been shifted to retails.

You can keep an eye for Coach handbags sale at any Coach factory outlet and buy a nice handbag for yourself.