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Important things to know about toenail fungus

Important things to know about toenail fungus

Toenail fungus is a common infection which makes the toenail brittle, thick and crumbly. Although it is very common and treatable by a medical professional, which does not necessarily need a lot of diagnosis, there are a few things you should be aware of this infection. There are chances that infection can be chronic, which means the infection can last for a very long time.

The fungus does not spread: As the name suggests, this infection is toenail fungus which tends to spread and stay only the region where it is affected. Although the infection is chronic, it doesn’t necessarily spread and lingers only in the area where it is prominent. But there is a good chance that if one toenail is affected, the surrounding nails are also at risk of developing the infection. The best way to stop the infection from spreading elsewhere is to wear a clean pair of socks after you taken and applied proper medication to the affected area.

Age is a huge factor: This infection does not necessarily affect your routine and can be properly cured with regular care, but the older you get the more are your chances of contracting this infection. Studies have shown that people who are above the age of 60 are more easily prone to being a victim of toenail infection. At that age, you will have to take a number of precautions.

The infection is contagious: There is always a chance of this type of infection spreading to someone who lives in close proximity to the person who has been infected. Although the chances are less, be careful when you are sharing your space with someone who has been infected or is showing signs of the infection. As they rightfully say, prevention is better than cure. The infection might also spread in common public areas like swimming pools and gym lockers where you are in close proximity with many people, so take appropriate measures to ensure it doesn’t spread through unknown contact.

Be careful: Injuries are the most common and easy ways to spread the infection. If you have suffered any injury on your toe, ensure that it is treated properly and the wound is cleaned and filled, so as to not allow any room for an infection to develop.

It is easy to identify toenail infection, common symptoms are discoloration, thickening, or brittle nails, mainly the changes in appearance of the nails. The pain experienced is very minimal and there is no foul odor from the infection.

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