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Why Installing wireless security cameras necessary for your school’s safety

Why Installing wireless security cameras necessary for your school’s safety

In recent times schools have become the focal point of terror and violence. Incidences of gun abuse, ragging and physical harassment of students are becoming rampant. Schools are also the most common ground for sexual predators to find vulnerable victims.

Thus, it has become essential that schools take charge of increasing the safety of students in their school by installing wireless security cameras on the premises as an efficient way to do so.

Types of wireless security cameras:

  • Indoor cameras:
    These cameras can be installed indoors in areas that are most vulnerable to internal conflicts among students. Monitoring these spaces can prevent misbehavior by students such as theft and harassment as well as reduce the possibility of unwarranted acts by intruders.
  • Dome cameras:
    These are specialized cameras which offer 360° coverage. They’re ideal for corridors and classrooms where a single camera can be used to monitor a larger area.
  • Fixed lens camera:
    These can be placed at certain angles to cover a particular area which has specific security concerns such as the door of the main entrance, terrace and other entrances of the school building.
  • Outdoor cameras:
    These cameras are placed at strategic points to cover the ground around the school in its entirety. With the help of wireless security cameras, it has become possible to keep track of all the activities happening outside the school building which may be a threat to the students, teachers and other employees of the school.
  • Motion detector cameras:
    These are specialized cameras which can be placed in an area where students are restricted from entering such as the roof or the power generator room.
  • Adjustable camera:
    These cameras are programmed to capture a wide field. They have a powerful lens which can be used by security personnel to zoom in and get a closer look at any suspicious person or activity taking place within its range.

The schools which are dedicated to preventing any harm to their students and other personnel have installed wireless security cameras to be able to handle threats of violence, vandalism or terror in a more efficient manner.

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