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Insurance coverage for Philips medical alert devices

Insurance coverage for Philips medical alert devices

One of the many queries that a person has when opting for a medical alert device is whether their medical or health insurance will bear the monthly cost of it. The emergency medical devices have gone through a lot of changes, and so have the insurance policies. When it comes to purchasing Philips medical alert devices, it’s better to know whether such devices fall under insurance coverage or not.

Common insurance scenario Despite offering great healthcare solutions and emergency medical call service, many insurances don’t cover the monthly cost of Philips medical alert devices. While individuals with disabilities and senior citizens become eligible for a wide range of medical and health insurance, such as Medicaid or Medicare, medical alert devices do not come under their reimbursement range.

Insurance that offers coverage some insurance plans cover medical alert devices’ cost to a great extent. The Part B optional insurance program with annual deductibles and monthly premium, offered by Medicare, is known to cover the monthly expenses of the medical alert device Philips offers. Plus, there are the long-term insurance plans, whose coverage criteria meets with certain types of Durable Medical Equipment, medical alert device being one of them.

Social Service Agency Supported by the State Department of Social Service or Health, the social service agencies have various programs for supporting the seniors or the disabled with limited resources and lower income. These agencies can be one’s best chance for having insurance of medical equipment. Plus, the health care agencies in local areas also offer a certain grant for the monthly charges of medical emergency devices like Philips medical alert system.

Private insurance In the majority of the cases, private insurance does not bear the cost of medical equipment such as the Philips medical alert devices. One may receive a partial reimbursement for such medical equipment after talking with the private insurer and knowing if there are any such schemes, but it is scarce.

For those who wish their insurance to reimburse their monthly expenses of Philips medical alert devices, talking to the insurer in advance is strongly recommended. Go through the insurance plans and understand the coverage clause and amount to avoid unnecessary worries of bearing monthly expenses of a medical emergency alert system.