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Interesting lunch meal recipes for kids

Interesting lunch meal recipes for kids

It is a known fact that kids are absolute picky eaters. If the meal is not the way they want it, then they would not even probably touch it. So, if you have a few lunch meal recipes in mind, they better be interesting and tasty for your kids to relish. One of the popular mantras for making the boring food recipes interesting for the kids is to make them look delightful, colorful, and fascinating. Here are some of the lunch meal recipes for kids that can be tried at home and can be prepared easily. Take a look!

Give an interesting twist to salads
If your kid is not very fond of salads but you want to add those healthy vegetables to the lunch meal, then here is a great idea. Make salad rolls for the lunch break. These rolls are easy to prepare, takes very little of your time, healthy, and delicious. Now you can add every healthy vegetable into a bowl, add some of your kid’s favorite dressings and sauces, add chicken, tuna or bacon, mix them well, and make rolls. This is a delicious as well as the healthy option for lunch meals for kids.

Chicken nuggets coated with crusted oats
Chicken nuggets are the favorite of every kid. But have you often seen a kid who is relishing oats? Not really! Here is a great idea of mixing these both and serve it to your kid for the next lunch meal recipe. Prepare chicken nuggets and before frying, coat these with rusted oats. These are not only enjoyed by the kids but also by other members of the family.

Noodles with a healthy angle
It is not always a good idea to send in the leftover Chinese noodles with your kid to school. It is not a healthy option too. But if your kid is fond of noodles, then why not try out the healthier version with soba noodles. You can cover the noodles with peanut butter and soy sauce.
Next time when you will be all tied up with your daily chores and don’t know how to make delicious recipes for kids, grab these bits of ideas.