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Interesting terminology of American football to understand positional play

Interesting terminology of American football to understand positional play

The Super Bowl draft forms one of the most important aspects of American football since the first round of order is determined taking into account the positional needs of every team playing this year. 32 teams will go head to head, literally, to gain one of the spots in the championship game!

The draft is determined after taking into account team, player records, the strength of schedule and even coin flips to determine who picks the 9th and 10th order. The draft order is generally categorized into teams of 10, the last order consisting of 12 teams to make the final 32.

Here are five Super Bowl draft terms you should be aware of to understand the draft order and the game better and determine the odds and picks for Super Bowl 2018.

High upside guy
Positional placement of a high upside guy will have a big impact on the team and game.

Height weight speed athlete
These are players who have the ideal height, weight, and speed to manage their position effectively. The term is used as a reference to wide receiver. It doesn’t matter if the player is playing offense or defense when it comes to height weight speed athlete.

Three and five-technique linemen
A common technique used when defensive linemen line up across from the offensive linemen. The three-technique is positioned to generate a pass rush when there is a defensive front of a 4-3 lineup whereas the five-technique is best suited for the 3-4 lineup or scheme play.

In the game, the technician is commonly referred to the left tackle player who is proficient and adept in every play and scheme at that particular position. The technician has quick feet, possess agility, and has great balance to maintain an efficient left positional tackle play.

These athletes from the most important of any football team, with three distinct forms of linebackers namely the strong-side linebacker, the inside linebacker, and the weak side linebacker. For a 4-3 defensive scheme, this is a commonly used set of linebackers.

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