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Job benefits at Dollar General Corporation

Job benefits at Dollar General Corporation

Being one of the largest growing American chains of variety stores, Dollar General Corporation has its own sets of company benefits for its employees.

Some of them are listed below:

  • A job at Dollar General Corporation entitles the employee of health and welfare benefits. Dollar General Corporation offers multiple comprehensive plans that have varying levels of coverages based on the employee’s needs. Dollar General also contributes toward these benefits, one of which aids their employees to afford health insurance at affordable costs.
  • Employees with full-time positions and designated part-time positions that have averaged over 30 hours a week are qualified for medical, dental, vision, short term and long-term disability, life, critical illness, accident, hospital confinement, and prescription insurances. These employees are also entitled to medical care and dependent care flexible spending account and also health savings account. They also cover for business travel accidents.
  • Dollar General Corporation runs an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which offers all its employees with 24/7 access to licensed clinical professionals and community resources that provide them with a workable solution to personal challenges.
  • In the name of compensations, rewards, and work benefits, jobs at Dollar general have a competitive base pay, annual bonus opportunity, service award recognition program, vacations, paid holidays, and a non-smoking environment.
  • The retirement savings plan of Dollar General includes 401k savings and retirement plan. It works in such a way that the employee contributes (up to) 25% of its pre-tax income to which Dollar General offers a dollar for dollar program. The employees can choose as to how they plan to invest their contributions. Moreover, they also offer a variety of wellness resources which include budgeting assistance and accessing an economical health coverage.
  • Their “Better Life Wellness Program” intends to help employees at Dollar General to take control of their health and emphasize on preventive measures to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

To avail the benefits mentioned above, an employee at Dollar General should meet certain eligibility requirements.