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Junkyard parts that can make you good money

Junkyard parts that can make you good money

Whoever said that you cannot make money from a bunch of scraps has never come across a junkyard parts sale. Vehicles today are stripped to the chassis in order to remove any parts that can be resold to be used by someone else who cannot afford to buy original parts from vendors. Part in the junkyard can be purchased for a fraction of their prices in their original condition, even if they are sold online.

Junkyard is heaven for custom car designers and builders since cheap spare parts can be reused and help drive up their profit by a significant margin. Used auto parts dealers make their profit from parts which are refurbished and tested good to go back out on the road.

Here is a list of most common auto parts and components which can be recycled and reused, or can be found at your local junkyard:

Motor oil: The engine oil which helps lubricate vital parts can be cleaned and reused. Engine oil doesn’t not wear or lose its viscosity, it just gets dirty. Even though this is not the junkyard part which will help you cash in or make a good profit, it still is a good deal instead of letting the oil go to waste.

GPS: This might sound a little odd, but your car GPS system can fetch you some decent money in case you are a selling your car. Selling the unit separately to a junkyard parts dealer will fetch you good money as opposed to selling it as part of the car. Though nowadays this inbuilt device has lost its value owing to people relying on their smartphones for navigation.

Fenders: Car fenders can be cleaned, polished, reshaped and restored to its original condition ad is a preferred part amongst custom car shop owners. Buying original fenders will cut into their profit, so sourcing fenders in the junkyard will help keep their margin and can get you some decent bucks. Classic car model parts will be more in demands as opposed to mass production vehicles.

Wheels, tires and rims: Again, these are parts which can be refurbished and can make you good money. Tires, matching rims set and component as part of their original kit will be ten times more expensive. This way you make money by selling scrap and adding it to their junkyard parts collection.

Other popular junkyard parts that can fetch you a couple of hundred dollars here and there include tailgates from pickup trucks, air bags, battery, bumpers, doors and more.