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Knowing how and where to look for Nokia 105

Knowing how and where to look for Nokia 105

Nokia 105 is one of the best options available for unlimited wallet allowance as well as for those looking for a beefed up phone which has immense battery backup.

The one thing to steer clear of is authentic copies of Nokia 105 that have come to dominate the market lately. Additionally, those looking to buy Nokia 105 phones on a reseller deal will have to be extra careful.

Here are the top hacks for helping you choose the best Nokia 105 on a reseller deal-

  • Look for the original warranty card
    This might sound far-fetched, but then again once you look for it, your are bound to find it. Warranty card helps you get the best of repair services as well as low-cost services when it comes to any refurbishment on the Nokia 105.
  • Check for authenticity
    Make sure the original Nokia logo is present and that the key functions are all exactly on the same interface pattern as the original model. Ensure that you do not skip checking the authenticity.
  • Make sure you check the battery
    The battery has always been one of the best parts of Nokia 105, and you will not like to lose out on its sheen. Make sure you choose the Nokia 105 with the real original battery in place as well as check for the charging speed and charging authenticity.

Armed with these tricks, you can go ahead and purchase the Nokia model. Make sure you shop from an authorized reseller or in case you’re buying from an individual, that the original papers are in place.

Check out the top specifications of the latest Nokia model –

Latest style island keymap
Separated keys ensuring greater usability
Strong polycarbonate shell
Basic headphone jack
MicroUSB port
Enhanced 1.8″ QQVGA display
Dual SIM/Single SIM
Nokia Series 30+ platform for software
800 mAh2 battery
Removable Battery
Available in white, black and blue
Dimensions 112.0 x 49.5 x 14.4mm
73.0g weight
GSM 900/1800 (EU network)
850/1900 (US network)

The Nokia 105 and the Nokia 105 Dual SIM series, have been launched by the Finnish giant for developing markets. These mobiles are now manufactured by HMD Global, before which they were manufactured by Microsoft Mobile.

In case you want to make a buy, rush to any online store that sells these Nokia models.