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Lawn mowers sale: The best time for purchase

Lawn mowers sale: The best time for purchase

Seasonal products are always found with the best discounts when their demand is at the lowest.

The same holds true for lawn mowers. You can buy them cheap during the month of September till the early fall. Lawn mowers are in huge demand during the summer season, and so that is the time, you should avoid.

Why September?
September is usually the best time to buy a lawn mower. After the mowing season is over, the leftover mowers have to be removed from the floor of the shopping arcade as lawn mowers take a lot of space. This is the reason why autumn is the best time to purchase this product.

Purchase by mid-May
If you want to purchase a lawn mower immediately and cannot wait until the autumn, then you can purchase it during mid-May. Retailers offer lawn mowers sale during this time and have a 30-day lower price guarantee. If there’s a price drop due to the father’s day sale, or Memorial day, then you can go immediately for a price reduction of your product.

Buying a second-hand lawn mower
Consider buying a second-hand lawn mower to save a lot of money. If you find a 2-3 years old used lawn mower in a good condition, then it definitely is a good buy as you will only have to pay 60%-70% of the retail price. You must always be on the lookout for the popular models and brands that people trust. Before you buy an old lawn mower, make sure it is in proper working condition and doesn’t require any costly repairs. Can you also ask for a warranty? Try and buy it from a dealer as there’s usually a 30-day warranty. You can also take the lawn mower to a local shop and have it examined, just to be sure of its condition. Enquire if there are any parts that have to be replaced. If you can maintain the lawn mower properly, it can last for many years without any troubles.

Whether you’re buying during the sale or not, make sure to negotiate on the price. This is a great way to save some money. You can always negotiate your way down from the retailer’s suggested price. A lot of retailers will be ready to sell at a lower price, if you are buying an expensive product or if you’re buying some accessories along with it.

Be on the lookout for the 10% discount on any product sale offered by many of the big storehouses.