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Learn about the HD revolution in detail

Learn about the HD revolution in detail

The optical fiber has taken over, and it is being deployed worldwide. You are not going to see all IP enabled set-top boxes anymore because they are replaced by the DVB standard. There is no shortage of innovations, and researchers are spending a lot of time and effort to design more and more innovative televisions into the market. Top manufacturers like Vizio TV have been highly responsive to the technological innovations, and they have managed to come up with the most advanced televisions in the market.

  • Lifeless pictures and images of analog TVs have disappeared.
    The viewing experience has become more interactive. Earlier, all analog TVs offered lifeless pictures, and images and the colors were not impressive. All these problems are solved with top quality products such as Vizio D series, and their most advanced high-definition technology offers pictures and images of unbelievable clarity. The sound system is superb, and you can enjoy TV viewing in the best possible manner.
  • Learn about high-definition
    High-definition (HD) is the buzzword, and you can find the best products including Vizio TV – Vizio E series being labeled as high-definition. High-definition stands taller than SD (Standard Definition). Most people have upgraded their televisions to high-definition models. As far as digital HD broadcast is concerned, there are two standards and they include 720p and 1080i. What do the ‘p’ and ‘I’ mean? The ‘p’ refers to progressive, and the ‘i’ refers to interlaced. When it comes to 720p broadcast, the picture is created with a vertical resolution of 1280 pixels and 720 horizontal scan lines. It suggests that this technology has the benefit of one frame representing a complete image. As far as 1080i broadcast is concerned, the picture is created from two 540 horizontal scan images and combined for making 1080 lines. In such a situation, the vertical resolution turns 1920 pixels. All modern televisions including Vizio TV – Vizio M series and Vizio P series support playback of 1080p and is preferable compared to 1080i particularly in fast-moving sequences. You do not have to worry about motion blur. Vizio TV has a wide variety of high-definition TV sets for everyone’s budget.

During the initial phase of the high-definition TV, everyone perceived it to be slow, and that available content was confined, and the receivers were costly. This perception changed with the launch of more and more innovative products and it is a great evolution in the history of television technology. The digital switchover is spreading like a wild fire and you can find people embracing the HD revolution with great enthusiasm. It can be said that the quality of viewing has undergone tremendous transformation.

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