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Popular pickup trucks to buy in 2021

Popular pickup trucks to buy in 2021

Pickup trucks are known to be much more capable than the usual SUVs or sedans. These trucks are known for their rugged characteristics and salient features. With the perfect blend of design and performance, a large number of people in the country opt for pickup trucks. This comes as no surprise given these vehicles’ transportation capabilities, making them extremely useful for personal as well as professional use.

Now, if you are planning on getting one, it is a smart decision. But the next thing that you have to think about is, which one to go for? This is one of the most common questions among a lot of people thinking about which pickup truck to go for. Since pickup trucks sell quite a lot in the USA, every brand is in great competition. So, which one should you go for?

Well, we’ve got a list of the top pickup trucks in 2021, so that you can decide for yourself. Take a look.

Chevy Colorado
The Chevy Colorado has three individual engines, which include a pacy V-6 as well as a diesel four-cylinder. This pickup truck has a very comfortable driving seat and provides for sturdy handling. Each model of the Chevy Colorado has a state-of-the-art modern infotainment system. This pickup is considered slightly easier to maneuver as compared to its corporate sibling, the GMC Canyon.

Honda Ridgeline
Did you know that the Honda Ridgeline is the only Honda vehicle with its cargo bed? Sure, it does not include an optional diesel engine or an off-road-ready model, but it is very spacious compared to a lot of its competitors.

GMC Canyon
The GMC Canyon is a much louder choice rather than the Chevy Colorado when it comes to design. Owners can add fancy features such as cooled and heated seats, and cover their pickup in chrome too. It also has three engines, with a V-6 engine as well as a diesel four-cylinder.

Ram 1500
If you think that a pickup truck is only meant to be rugged, the Ram 1500 is sure to blow you away. With its extremely luxurious interiors, split-folding tailgate, built-in cargo-bed bins, and a gigantic 12.0 touchscreen, the Ram 1500 is a great choice. With this pickup, you can get the standard V-6 or opt for the Hemi V-8 that comes with hybrid systems.

Jeep Gladiator
The Jeep Gladiator is famous for towing up to 7760 pounds. It has a standard stick-shift transmission and a sturdy V-6 engine. Owners can also opt for a diesel engine with 442 lb-ft. While others on this list might be better alternatives, this would be a great choice too.