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Must-have garden tools

Must-have garden tools

It can be a massive task to choose the ideal garden tools. When buying anything, several questions come to mind. From where would you buy? Which store offers the best deal? Which equipment serves your purpose? As you know, it is not only watering the plants and keeping them under the sun that will save them. They need extra care.

Gardening tools can help not only trim the unwanted parts of the plants, but also keep them in a healthy state. However, think about the budget as is an important factor when it comes to these purchase. So, compare what’s available on the net, check out the discounts and only then make your decision. Also, you should always think of the people or family members who are going to use these tools. For example, you cannot give your kids the original tools because it can be dangerous for them.

Once you know which tool does what, it can be easier for you to classify further. Find out more about the basic, and must-have gardening tools.

  • Hoe: It is used for skimming below the soil surface and also to cut the edges of the weed. The process will destroy annual plants and weaken the permanent ones. To kill the perennial weeds permanently, however, you need to dig a little deeper.
  • Spade: The most basic equipment for gardening is the spade which is used to dig soil surface and make holes for planting.
  • Rake: A rake is of two types: one is a short tool with metal teeth, and the other one is a fan of rubber handle. The former one helps in final soil levelingand making a fine surface of the ground for sowing and planting. The latter is for raking leaves off the garden and gravel paths.
  • Fork: You need an even surface to plant your trees, but one is hardly lucky in this matter. The fork comes to help in such a condition. It is perfect for breaking down clods of soil and evens the surface, moving and spreading organic matter all over the surface.
  • Watering can: While buying a watering can keep in mind the distance of the tap to your garden, the volume of the can and a suitable handle to hold and water. A watering can also be used to apply liquid fertilizers and weed killers, but in that case, you must have a separate can.
  • Trowel: A comfortable stainless steel blade is the best with regards to planting, weeding and tinkering with small pots.
  • Secateurs: Like a rake, the secateurs are also of two types- anvil and bypass. Anvil secateurs consist of one sharp blade that cuts a flat base while the bypass secateurs consist of two sharp blades that cross each other like scissors.