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Shed off the myths related to hepatitis C

Shed off the myths related to hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is such a disease which does not possess any basic symptoms yet may cause severe liver damage. Though various researches and studies are held all over the world regarding the causes, symptoms and advanced hep C treatments, yet, individuals still hold various misconceptions or myths about this health disorder. Instead of going behind the myths, it is better to know the facts in detail about hep C and hep C treatment.

Here is a list of few persisting myths and the facts about hep C, hep C medication, and hepatitis C treatment.

Myths and facts about hepatitis C:

The first and foremost myth is that a person suffering from hepatitis C can never be cured. Patients with hep C can not only be treated but can be cured as well. In this case, ‘cured’ means the hepatitis C virus won’t be found in the patient’s blood for a certain number of months after the end of hep C treatment.

The next common myth is that no measures can be taken for decreasing the risk of hepatitis C. It is not true as various ways are present for reducing your risk of getting affected by hep C virus. Some of these ways include avoiding the use of or sharing nail clippers, toothbrush, razors or other items of personal care as they might get contacted with the infected person’s blood.
Risks will reduce if you do not share needles while injecting medicines. You must use a new equipment for tattoo or piercing, practice safe sex, cover any cut with a new sterile bandage.

People have a misconception that hep C virus will spread by sharing or eating from utensils of an infected person. The fact is that hepatitis C usually passes when infected blood comes in contact with an infected person’s blood. Thus, hep C does not spread by sharing foods, drinks or by holding and shaking hands with an individual who is infected.

Myths do exist. It is your responsibility to clear the misconceptions from your mind and get a clear idea about this disease and hep c treatments that can treat it.