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Northern Tool and Equipment and the DIY market

Northern Tool and Equipment and the DIY market

It has been a trend in the American market for a long time now that men and women of any household resort to their good old handyman tools box for any repair work around their house.

The origins of Northern Tool and Equipment
Known as Northern Tool and Equipment in the tools market, this company was formed in the year 1981. In the age when mail-ordering tools was a major trend, Northern Tool was one of the new conglomerates which started providing mail-order of tools in states in America. When it was a newbie, the company originally serviced customers in the construction and heavy manufacturing industry. Later on, it proceeding to an advanced level and began supplying machinery for automotive purposes. This step helped Northern Tool make a mark which meant that it is not ready to stick to one kind machinery portfolio, but rather showcased its willingness to expand its periphery and outreach.

Retail line-up
Today this conglomerate has a line-up of more than 90 retail stores across major states in America. Having taken its humble steps in Minnesota, Northern Tool has since spread its wings and brought states like Texas, Florida, and North Carolina under its consumer reach and made them their bestselling states. These three areas, in fact, house more than half of the total retail outlets controlled by the company. Northern Tool’s retail outlets proudly boast of more than 40,000 products in their line-up which consist of heavy duty machinery and most importantly construction machinery.

In the recent past, the company has spread its expertise outside America and has showed it’s brilliance in Canada, Mexico, and even in places far from home base like the UK.

Much prior to the boom of World Wide Web, Northern Tool, created a trend of cataloging its products, which helped their products reach far and wide through the width and breadth of the country. The revenue the company made with the promotion of its catalog was and still is considered as the biggest sales channel which helped create wide range of customer base.

DIY industry
In modern history of the company, Northern Tools has had a major impact on the DIY market. The craze of customers who were simply fed up of dialing numbers when the smallest and the biggest of repairs were to be done, began looking to purchase Northern Tool products and get the task done themselves. This was, at the root, an untapped market which had huge potential and it definitely was an area that needed strong representation by a worthy company. At a juncture when ideas as lucrative as this were laid out, many companies did decide to take up on this. However, it was Northern Tool that set an example with its successful pioneer venture into the DIY market.