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Of teddy bears and squishy toys, why your baby loves them

Of teddy bears and squishy toys, why your baby loves them

Buying a new toy for your baby is generally a no-brainer. Giant teddy bears and overstuffed soft toys are the most popular options and are some of the most loved toys. Available in every size, design color, hue and texture, these toys are great for kids’ development. You can never go wrong with gifting a teddy bear – giant or not – to a baby provided the child plays with it under supervision. Here’re 9 more toys and games that are sure winners with babies.

Auto-play musical toy: You can get many types of musical toys in the market. Select a colorful and bright-looking musical toy that auto-plays some lovable music. Infants truly adore friendly melodies. Moreover, a musical toy promotes auditory development in babies. So get a toy that plays classic and peppy melodies. Prefer the ones with large buttons and an easy grip.

Activity gym: Whether it is an arched activity gym or without arches, it is a place of exploration for infants. A comfortable gym with its hanging little toys are wonderful for babies.

Beginner shape puzzle: If the baby is more than six months, then you can present him/her a shape puzzle that is
designed for beginners. These can be geometric or other shapes and usually have just a few pieces to connect. It can be a great learning and development game for babies.

Teddy bear: A giant teddy bear never goes out of fashion for babies. Young infants love to explore faces and textures. They are definitely going to enjoy the touch and feel of a giant teddy bear that offers them comfort.

Stuffed animal: A stuffed monkey, elephant, panda, octopus or any such animal just like a giant bear, can be the best friend of an infant. Choose an appealing stuffed animal that offers a sense of security to the baby.

Chime toy: Chimes are very interesting toys for infants. Once hung on their cradle, babies do not need any other entertainment. The colorful and soothing musical chimes rotating above their head mesmerize them.

Teether: You can find a vibrant baby teether that doubles up as a rattle or easy-grip toy. This is a relaxing toy for every baby experiencing sore gums during his/her teething time. Ensure the material used for the teether is safe for infants so that it does not hurt the baby’s gums when he/she chews it.

Rattle: Although you may find it noisy as an adult, infants like the sounds of a rattle. Every time they shake a rattle, they get a satisfying feel.

Household toy: Several toy brands make cute little household items, including utensils, cups and bowls, baby-safe mirrors, and the like. You can select some nice household toys in plastic or soft wood that will make excellent toys for babies.

Rolling toy: Present the baby a cruise with a rolling toy like an assorted car. You may choose any automobile or similar toy that creates the right buzzing sound to attract the baby.

Babies love soft, plush, and attractive toys and games. Gifting them teddy bears, stuffed animals, rattles, shape puzzles, and vibrant musical toys may add to their joy. Prices can differ depending on the store you buy it from or the quality or even the make.