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Plans and rewards for Orange pay-as-you-go phones

Plans and rewards for Orange pay-as-you-go phones

Orange is a premier mobile service network that provides pay-as-you-go mobile services. It brings innovative ways to help customers get the most of their smartphones and smartphone network.
Pay-as-you-go is a type of mobile service in which the customer pays the amount required to use the service beforehand. It is known for the fact that it has an easy activation with less emphasis on credit check and other formalities. Orange pay-as-you-go has set the benchmark and continues to provide excellence in the mobile service industry

Magic number
Every customer has a set of mobile numbers that they are in touch with regularly they can be of family, friends, relatives and even the workplace people. Orange has introduced Magic Numbers’ to fulfill customer’s purpose of making calls to these numbers without paying a single cent. Customers are given various offers that they can choose from Orange Animal Plans’ that include a variation of Magic Numbers.

Orange answer phone
It often happens that one is unable to attend many an important call. So, Orange came up with an innovative service that helps customers notify the callers in such junctures. Orange Answer Phone’ is a service wherein the customer can record a message for the callers so that they can notify of the customer’s position. This service is chargeable and can be chosen for a particular period of time.

Orange animal plans
Customers can choose from a variety of plans, from plans for 30 days, 18 months or 24 months. These plans have advantages such as inclusive minutes and texts, voicemails, Wi-Fi, inclusive international calls and inclusive mobile internet and tethering. These plans are Raccoon, Canary, and Dolphin. Dolphin is for those whose usage is geared towards texting and accessing the internet from the mobile. Canary is tailored for customers to receive free calls, texts and photo messages on evenings and weekends. Raccoon has the lowest flat call rate.

Extra offers
Other than the plans, customers can choose from a bevy of offers that will make their plans work for them. These extras can help by giving extra internet data, more call minutes and also make international calling an easy affair.

Roaming schemes
When a SIM card which is purchased from a particular locality leaves said country, the mobile service is still available, but it will fall under roaming. Roaming costs are often higher than usual, so it is important the customer chooses a plan before traveling. Since mobile network passes over international waters and is available worldwide. Orange has many schemes that can be chosen so that when the phone is under roaming, it will not incur extra charges.